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Bright NYC

Series of 50+ Oil Paintings by Lisa Bisbee

The "Bright NYC" series is a collection of over 50 oil paintings that chronicle my numerous adventures in the city. Through vibrant colors, I aim to capture the energetic and lively essence of this bustling metropolis. Inspired by Fauvism and its unconventional use of colors, I blend this artistic concept with the thrilling energy of New York City. These paintings radiate the vibrancy of urban life, with saturated colors that leap off the canvas. They symbolize our modern reliance on technology, where we often use filters to manipulate our perception of reality.

The palette I employ consists of neon pinks, fluorescent oranges, deep purples, bright yellows, and blues. To achieve these striking hues, I rely on Gapka oil paints, a reputable artisan paint company known for their fluorescent pigmentation. The colors possess an incredible quality of saturation, enhancing the visual impact of each piece.

Each painting in the series serves as a snapshot of the city, depicting urban architecture in a dreamlike atmosphere. I capture the extraordinary moments of daily city life as well as iconic landmarks like the Guggenheim, Brooklyn Bridge, and Washington Square Park. This collection offers a fresh perspective, where navigating the concrete jungle is an exhilarating experience, brimming with anticipation at every street corner. It encapsulates the magical sensation of seeing the city with new eyes.

From boarding the ferry on the East River and gazing at the skyscrapers as we pass beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, to soaring over Manhattan as the sun begins to set, granting a bird's-eye view of the valleys between rows of towering buildings—I paint the essence of these experiences. I infuse life into the lines, capturing the feeling of being present in the moment and absorbing the vibrant energy that envelops me.

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