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CitizenM Hotel on Bowery and Kenmar, Manhattan, New York City. During my Carnegie-Mellon years, I wrote a paper on the Bowery. Probably got a "C" on it. Back in those days, I put my social life above schoolwork. Even so, my heart wrote the Bowery paper about the dire straight that people go through, and offering up solutions to help them. The thing that comes to mind is creativity, I believe people can find joy and passion in creativity, and that in itself, with or without money, can help them get on their feet, at least give them a stepping stone. If we all hired an artist, or musician, or bought a homemade quilt, handbill furniture, a designer's jewelry, you get the drift... if we all did our part in support the creative folk, this world would and could be a better place. Ah, I'm dreaming, and seeing portions of the dream come true, so why not work out all the details?

CitizenM Hotel on Bowery

  • 8x10"
    CitizenM Hotel on
    Bowery in Manhattan

    New York City
    Oil Painting Series

    Artist Lisa Bisbee
    SKU: B0605

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