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Walking over cobblestone streets, feeling the breeze of the water, this architectural showstopper was the main event for hundreds of tourist snapping up photos. I knew the destination was going to be a treat, and even still I underestimated the wow factor. It seemed like it took forever to draw out the parts and pieces of the Manhattan Bridge, and still I could have added more, or done a better job of proportion, but really, it’s just an expression of the joy and hopeful anticipation I felt as I walked closer and closer to the riverfront. 


My first closeup of Manhattan Bridge was a spectacular sight. I’d pictured it from a distance and in movies, but actually being there on Washington Street, getting a zoomed in perspective of all the architectural details, the hinges, the cables, the beams, the cornices, the arches. More about the architecture on the internet says “neo-gothic” in the “classical Beaux-Arts style” either way, it’s impressive to think about all those construction people who showed up to build it in the early 1900’s.


Manhattan Bridge

  • 12x12"
    Manhattan Bridge with Cafe
    Dumbo, Brooklyn

    New York City 
    Oil Painting Series

    Artist Lisa Bisbee
    SKU: B0529

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