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"Top of the world, ma!" spoken by James Cagney in 1949, in the film "White Heat", directed by Raoul Walsh. The view from above is dizzying, and vertigo spins its magic. With a zillion little windows and seventeen-point perspective, this artwork seems like more of a 5,000 piece puzzle. Patience, dear virgo. Dot, dot, dot, line, line, line... "Keep going", says the pointillism art teacher from 9th grade. All while listening to Nick Drake, "Pink Moon" couldn't make it any pinker. These neon florescent oil paints are from Gapka. Sorta feels like "Spencer's Gifts" waiting on the black light to turn on the magic on the view from One World Tower in Manhattan, New York City. 

Manhattan View from Freedom Tower

  • 11x14"
    Manhattan View from Freedom Tower
    One World Trade Center

    New York City 
    Oil Painting Series

    Artist Lisa Bisbee
    SKU: B0620

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