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Bright Lights Pink City

Depicting urban architecture in a dreamlike atmosphere.

In my ongoing series of oil paintings titled “Bright Lights Pink City” consisting of over 50 pieces, I capture snapshots of the city, presenting urban architecture within a dreamlike atmosphere. These paintings portray both ordinary moments of daily city life and iconic landmarks such as the Guggenheim, Brooklyn Bridge, and Washington Square Park. Navigating the concrete jungle is an exhilarating experience, teeming with anticipation at every street corner. I aim to encapsulate the magical sensation of seeing the city with fresh eyes, imbuing my artwork with the essence of this exciting perspective. Through my art, I invite viewers to embark on a journey that renews their connection to the vibrant spirit of NYC sparking a renewed sense of wonder and appreciation for its enchanting allure.

Celebrate mesmerizing colors & unique character.

My NYC series of 50+ oil paintings depicts my adventures through the city, in vivid colors to showcase a vibrant metropolis. In studying art history, Fauvism stood out in the movement’s arrangement of colors, offbeat and unreal. I’m taking that concept of color from les Fauves and mixing it with the exciting energy of New York City.  I want the vibrancy to pop off the canvas, like how technology nowadays allows us to use filters in altering photos, editing reality.  The palette include neon pinks, fluorescent oranges, deep purples, bright yellows and blues. Using Gapka oil paint, a small handmade artisan paint company the colors have incredible saturation. 

Each painting in the series serves as a snapshot.

My series of oil paintings offers views of urban expeditions as I roam through the city where you get a drift of my ongoing excitement and anticipation. Inspired by my photographs of the city, I'm painting the experience of being there. I illustrate the urban architecture in a joyful atmosphere, presenting both typical moments of citylife from crossing at a crosswalk to landmark destinations such as the Guggenheim, Brooklyn Bridge and Washington Square Park.  What is it like getting on the ferry from the east river to view the skyscrapers from the harbor as we pass underneath the Brooklyn Bridge?  The moment when flying into NYC just as the sun what setting getting a birds-eye-view of the valleys between the skyscrapers? 

I aim to paint the world as a better place.

In my artistic pursuit, I find immense joy and gratitude by infusing moments with a touch of romance. Through carefully constructed scenes in my oil paintings, I have the power to transform reality into uplifting and inspiring depictions that pay homage to the inherent goodness found in people, places, and things. Regardless of whether I’m faced with gritty or overlooked settings, I dedicate myself to envisioning their metamorphosis into spaces filled with dignity, fun, frolic, happiness, and wonder. By offering fresh perspectives on familiar sights, I create vibrant and surreal renditions of the natural world that invigorate attitudes and foster a deep appreciation for our beautiful human existence. By employing a vivid color palette and whimsical lines that dance in rhythmic patterns across the canvas, I envision of a better world infusing life into my brushstrokes to vividly express the emotions stirred during my urban escapades in the heart of New York City.

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