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Multiple Series of Original Oil Paintings
Available for Exhibition
  • Original oil paintings by Lisa Bisbee

  • Gallery-wrapped stretched canvas.

  • Small sizes vary from 12x18" to 8x10"

  • Currently working on 30x30"

  • Created 2022-2023

Each painting in the series serves as a snapshot of the city, depicting urban architecture in a dreamlike atmosphere. I capture the extraordinary moments of daily city life as well as iconic landmarks like the Guggenheim, Brooklyn Bridge, and Washington Square Park. This collection offers a fresh perspective, where navigating the concrete jungle is an exhilarating experience, brimming with anticipation at every street corner. It encapsulates the magical sensation of seeing the city with new eyes.

  • Original oil paintings by Lisa Bisbee

  • Gallery-wrapped stretched canvas.

  • Each painting is 16x20"

  • 2018- 2023

The Pennsylvania Nature series comprises 50 distinct oil paintings that establish a dreamlike connection with the natural world. Through vibrant colors, I aim to showcase the breathtaking beauty of Pennsylvania's expansive landscapes. I deliberately employ a bright palette to intensify the joyful atmosphere I seek to recreate, using pure paint at its maximum saturation. Each composition features a stylized depiction of the agricultural scenery, reminiscent of the American Regionalism art movement. My intention is to idealize the pastoral landscape, emphasizing its inherent beauty.

a little bit of everything

Landscapes, Animals, Landmarks, Objects, Figures, Abstracts

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